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Features a Good Research Paper

Academic research involves interpreting and analyzing the information collected to solve a problem to answer questions. Good research must have certain properties and characteristics. In a nutshell, it should be verifiable, critical, empirical, controlled, systematic, valid and rigorous.

You should learn how to write good research paper topics and follow the required guidelines. Students who are pursuing degrees, masters, doctorate, or diploma programs are required to write and submit research papers to fulfill the requirements of their curriculum. This write-up is going to share the essential qualities of an excellent research paper.

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Well Organized

Proper work organization is another essential element of high-quality research papers. Are the ideas flowing logically? Your thoughts should be clear and flow naturally right from the beginning to the end. You should avoid including any irrelevant information and ensure that everything is in its place.

Strong Supporting Statements and Thesis Statement

The thesis statement and its supporting statements are very important. The thesis statement is helpful in setting the tone of the entire piece of your writing. It is important to make ensure that your research is backed up by a strong research statement. Students and researchers should come up with excellent sets of statements before they start writing their work.

Correct Formatting

A good research paper should have the correct formatting. Remember that there are different types of formatting styles such as APA, Chicago. It is, therefore, imperative to check the format prescribed by the university or lecturer to avoid losing some marks due to formatting errors.

Proper Editing


Effective editing is another essential characteristic of a good research paper. You avoid submitting a piece of writing full of errors as it might some credibility. Ideally, you should take some time and edit your work to avoid submitting work that is full of mistakes. Alternatively, you can ask someone else to proofread or go through your work to check for errors.


Properly Referenced

Accuracy for references is the final element of proper research papers. Always make sure that your work is correctly referenced. This is the best way of avoiding the risk of getting low grades and strict penalties for submitting plagiarized work.

Knowing the important for the effective organization, correct formatting, strong statements, accurate references, and proper editing can help you in aiding by the important guidelines when writing a research paper. This is the key to writing a good piece of writing and avoiding plagiarism.…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coworking Space in San Francisco

While having a job is a blessing, how to deliver results is what matters most. This is especially so for those who work from home but tend to have too many destructions. On the bright side, there are ample working spaces that can cater to all your needs as a freelance writer. This is such a blessing considering the fact that most people dislike the fact of waking up to honking traffic on their way to work.

You can either decide to work from home or rent a working space with all the wonderful features you seek. Not forgetting that the surrounding must be quiet and clean at all times.

Here are more features to look into when in search for a top coworking space in San Francisco. They apply especially to college students who need plenty of space to study:

Clean and Efficient

sitting on a couchNo one is able to focus in an environment where the smell is far from perfect. Not forgetting all the filth that your eyes have to look at. Thanks to all the sites online, such as Coworker, that focus mainly on coworking space, college students don’t have to worry anymore.

As much as it is termed as such, this kind of space can do wonders especially for a college student who is having an exam that determines their future life. We are talking about a space that is maintained purely for the purposes of studying and working. As much as there is everything you need for your plans to fall in place, there are more factors for you to consider very carefully. For instance, the pricing, as well as the proximity to your place of residence, must be among the top features.

Closeness to Residence

researching onlineIf the coworking space in question is located in another state, you may want to rethink your decision. So much time will be wasted when you have to commute every morning just to have a taste of some solitude to do your work and study.

Ensure that your preferred coworking space is located somewhere within your state. Do a thorough search on the options that are placed on offer. This won’t be difficult as long as you know the factors that are involved.
Besides, you can enjoy vast benefits as long as you get a place that’s not too far away from where you stay. For example, you can save up on time by either walking, driving or even taking the bus. You won’t have to go through so much hassle as long as you consider this all-important factor to be worth your time.

Other Features

All the working and studying is sure to cause your hunger pangs to work overtime. This calls for a timely treat to cool them down. A modern coworking space should never miss a cafeteria. A restaurant or poolhall for you to ease up and lower the stress levels should be put in place. After all, you will need ample space for you to be more productive. Failure to this will only mean that you are wasting your time. Your sources must be credible enough to see you gain insightful information in the long run.…

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Things to Know About Taking Part in Conservation

Volunteering has always been a plus point if you have it written down on your CV. There is a higher chance for employers to be interested in hiring you if you have done some volunteering activities. There is a wide array of different causes that you can volunteer for. The most popular one that is quite common is conservation.

In this article, we are going to discuss and talk about several things that you need to know about conservation.


endangered elephantConservation has always been a buzzword that people love talking about. You can always hear it as a hot topic in the media or in real life. It is mostly heard when discussing things related to environmentalism, volunteering, and social awareness. But what does it actually mean?

The word conservation itself refers to the act of preservation, restoration, or protection of the natural ecosystems, natural environments, wildlife, and vegetation. It is every single thing that you are doing to help achieve all those things.

You might also be wondering what the branches are when it comes to conservation. It varies from conservation of biodiversity, environment, and natural resources to conservation of cultural heritage.


You may wonder why is it necessary. Conservation is vital because it ensures the preservation and continuation of the existence of a matter for generations to come. It is for the sake of the future generations.

Other than that, taking part in conservation can also benefit yourself. There are many reasons why you should take part in this. You can expand on your field skills and experience. You can also develop your personal growth. Other than that, you get to experience new environments and cultures. Plus, you are taking direct action to make positive impacts on the environment and society.


beach conservationWhen it comes to taking part in conservation, every little thing counts. If you are wondering how you can take part in it, there are many ways how you can do that. You can start small by spreading awareness. You can also take part in it by volunteering. Other than that, you can also join a program that is held by a foundation that supports something that you are passionate about, like ocean conservation or others.

If you are truly passionate in this field, you can also make it a living. There are many jobs that are in the field of conservation. A lot of non-profits hire people to help them do their best when it comes to conservation. You can consider this as your career path if you are interested.…


Reasons Why Parents Opt for Independent Education for their Children

Private schools are increasingly becoming the ultimate choice for parents out there who are seeking to educate their children. Many parents are working hard to finance the education of their children in some of these private institutions.

When it comes to schooling, there are different options that parents can choose. We have the homeschooling option, public schools, and private schools. Each type of education has its advantages and disadvantages and is suited for different kinds of children. We explore some of the reasons why parents opt for independent education for their children.

Enriched Academic Opportunities

child learning One of the reasons why many parents opt for private education for their children is that there is an improved academic opportunity. Private schools have the right facilities and support system and thus provide challenging and exceptional education experiences through various platforms.

Students in the private institution tend to do better in the co-curriculum activities and academics as compared to those in the public schools. It is much easier to get a scholarship to the leading universities in the world when you are in a private high school than when you are in a public school.

Better Exposure

Students in the private schools get better exposure than those in the government schools. Students in the government schools operate within a defined structure which is usually their main undoing. In most cases, the teachers do not have the motivation and thus do not push hard.

For example, private schools will tend to introduce new subjects and lessons to the students other than those that are recommended by the ministry of education. In so doing the students are better exposed and get to learn what they are good at.

Smaller Classes

Another advantage of the private schools is that the classes are smaller and not overcrowded like the public schools. The teacher to student ratio is this suitable. This means that in the event the student needs some assistance, then he will have the teacher at his disposal.

It is easier to manage and supervise smaller classes as compared to the larger classes. Teachers are also able to keep track of the child development with ease. The Private High School in New Jersey has small classes which are manageable.

Parental Involvement

crayonsParents need to be involved in the education of their children. One of the aspects of private schools is that they tend to build open communication between the administration and staff.

They treat the parents as clients and thus involve them in the crucial decision making that will directly affect their children. They have regular parent meeting which helps the parent to interact with both the students and teachers and thus assist them in tracking their progress.…

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Best liquor licensing tips

There is no way you can operate a liquor store without having the liquor license. You will have to get the liquor license from the legal authority of the country that you want to serve the alcohol. The license will contain information like the place that the liquor is to be sold, the time and also the amount of the liquor intended to be supplied. You will have to be ready because the liquor licensing process is not that easy and it will be so challenging. The RSA Course Shepparton will equip you with the best liquor licensing tips. But if you follow the liquor licensing tips below you will not have any challenge.

Know the law


When it comes to the supply of the liquor, the requirements and procedure will be different in each country that’s why you have to understand what the law says in your country. The liquor license is in two types the on-license and the off-license you will be the one who is supposed to make a decision the kind of license you require depending on the needs. The difference between the two it’s that the on-license is the license that is supposed to cover the liquor that is being consumed where it’s manufactured. An off-license is the total opposite of the on-license because it’s the one that covers liquor consumed but it’s not being manufactured in the same place.

The application process

One thing that you have to know is not to rush towards the process because you will only be disappointed at the end. So make sure that you prepare in advance for the application process because it will be hectic as I had mentioned earlier. Make sure that you have all the papers that will be required. Also, be prepared when it comes to the cost ensure that before going ahead and making plans you have an idea of what it will cost to get the job done.

Hire a liquor attorney


The process is not something that you will be able to do on your own so before anything call an attorney. He or she will know of ways that he can use to ensure that you get the liquor license fast without any complications. Make sure that the attorney you hire is the someone that specializes in the licensing of the liquor store and he knows the procedure very well. Talk about the cost of the attorney before you go ahead and hire him so that you don’t go beyond the budget that you have.…


Medical Assistant Programs – The Pros And Cons Of Online-Based Ones

So, you have decided to pursue an exciting career in the healthcare industry and become a medical assistant. A great decision, given how lucrative and rewarding this position can be. However, before you start this journey of yours and become a certified medical assistant, you will have to finish an appropriate training course and obtain your certificate. To do that, you will have two options, either through traditional schooling or via one of many online medical assisting programs.

In this article, we will discuss the latter ones, their most notable advantages, and some of their disadvantages. We hope this information will allow you to make a more informed decision when it comes to obtaining your certificate.

The pros and cons of online programs

hdhdd64Even though there are still those that consider online programs to be rather inadequate in comparison to traditional schooling, it is no secret that there is an almost equal number of medical assistants who have finished online courses and those who have finished traditional courses. This is a result of some of many advantages of online courses, such as the following:

1. By undertaking an online course, you will be in a position to fit all the classes into your schedule, mainly thanks to their high flexibility.

2. You will not have to buy all kinds of scrub uniforms that traditional students are required to have and wear.

3. You will have instant access to a variety of learning materials and training programs. Keep in mind that campus-based classes and courses are not available everywhere. Therefore, if you live in a remote location, far away from a training program location, you will have no other choice.

4. Traditional school tuition costs can be rather high. On the other hand, online courses a very affordable, mainly due to the fact that they do not have the expenses typically associated with traditional schools.

The key disadvantage of online courses

The most notable disadvantage of online medical assistant courses lies in the fact that you will not be provided with the “hands on” experience. As a result, you might have difficulties learning certain skills and techniques necessary for some special tasks. However, if you already have some on-the-job training and possess the necessary skills, you will not actually need this type of training. This, in turn, will make online classes a great alternative to the traditional classes.

Some other disadvantages of online classes include:

1. A rather limited assistance when passing the final exam

2. Sometimes, you will have to purchase certain learning materials separately.

The practicum

hdhdd64When opting for a medical assistant program, whether it takes place online or is conducted in a traditional classroom, keep in mind that it should end with a practicum. When undertaking a traditional training course, you will be probably assigned to a certain clinic, usually of your choice. On the other hand, with an online course, you will have the complete freedom when it comes to choosing when and where to have your practicum.

In the end, regardless of whether you opt for campus-based or online courses, medical assistant training will be crucial in preparing you for a fruitful career, one that is in very high demand at the moment. Given that it will stay that way for some time, you should definitely seize this opportunity.…


Significance of early childhood education

Having a child is the wish of every person. Children are regarded as a blessing and help create the bond required for a family. A family is incomplete without a child. Seeing your child grow is also important. Caring for them to a stage they can depend on themselves is a homework for most parents. Many things happen during growth. Children get exposed to many dangerous situations while playing out in the field. Their adventurous nature will see them go places or play with things that can endanger their lives. A child’s education is also essential. Most of them start school at a tender age of three.

There are institutions created to offer early childhood education. Bilingual child care Wake Forest is one great002 institution that provides bilingual preschool education. Early education is like the foundation of one’s general education from primary all the way to tertiary. You should pick the right care center for your child if you want to see excellent results. Look at the tutors your child will engage. Their qualification matter. They are trained to deal with children so they will know how to handle your child. Make regular follow-ups to monitor the progress of your child. Early education is of great importance to your child. Here are some of the benefits of early childhood education.



Your child gets to interact with other children and experience the type of fun they need. The environment they are in is safe for them to have fun. Under the watch of their tutors or caretakers, it is hard for them to engage in dangerous activities. It is essential to introduce your child to other children to create new friendships.



003Children are taught some basics during their growth stage. Spelling, reading, and writing are some of the basics your child should learn during the early stages. They get to speak fluently and know different items and the purpose they serve. Early childhood education tutors are trained to teach using methods appealing to children for them to understand what they are taught easily giving room for proper and clear understanding.



Teaching young ones moral values is essential for their growth. They will be accommodated comfortably in the society with such virtues. Children are taught about respect when in preschool.  They are shown the value of respect to those older than them. Respect taught is not only limited to elders but the environment and people’s property. You are assured of a morally upright child.…

Social Skills

How to be the perfect man

In life, there are so many things that must be learned through experience while others can be thought. Some things are unique to each situation, and one such thing is relationships. This article is specifically for men who want to learn how to impress a woman and what do girls like in boys so that they can be the perfect lover and boyfriend. Keep on reading, and these tips will help you on your journey to the perfect relationship.

Be yourself

Not every girl is the same, and each one will have their own idea of a bersregperfect boy. Some like the big muscle built types while other like the more elegant gentleman type. However, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable always to be yourself. Never try to change just to impress a girl as this will only be short lived and your true nature will eventually come out. Do not say you like things just because the girl does but tell them what you dislike so they will know the real you.

Don’t be shy

As men, we often like to hide certain feelings and avoid being too emotional in front of a girl. Sometimes it’s good to show your emotional side and even cry in front of a girl. Also, do not be shy to tell them what you are afraid of as we all are of some things. Never be shy to tell them how you feel as it will be appreciated and they will feel that you trust them to share your secrets.

Never lie

Girls like a man who is truthful and would not lie to them. It can be a small thing that may not matter but if you tell them the truth they will love you even more. The truth has always triumphed and built long lasting relationships in the toughest situations.

Be clean

bgsdtjtWhile having a good character is important, many girls like their man to be clean and well groomed too. It does not mean that you must wear expensive designer clothing, but that you must be clean, and shave and have a neat haircut. Some girls wouldn’t mind a boy with long hair but in general short hair which is well brushed is best. The same goes for a beard as some girls do not mind it and others prefer a clean shaven man.

The most important thing to remember is that every girl is different and you will have to spend some time learning what she likes before you can do anything.…


Overcoming Depression & Living Free

As we all know, depression is a common health condition in the world. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or wrongly diagnosed. Thus, people suffering from depression tend to be frowned upon by society and are often considered mentally weak. The assumption is that they fail to deal effectively with challenges that life throws their way and instead choose to play the victim. That is not true because various situations in life can lead to depression and many people are at risk of suffering from it even if they do not realize it.


In fact, understanding depression, its causes, symptoms, and treatment can help eradicate the stigma surrounding the condition and create more awareness about it. Individuals suffering from depression can also overcome the condition and live free. Now, if you are seeking help, continue to read as we prepared an encouraging article to help you embark on the path to recovery and eventually lead a better life.

Be Active

The human body is naturally designed for regular physical activity. Try to engage in fitness routines and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising will also improve your moods and help you overcome the constant feeling of sadness. Physical activity can also prevent the occurrence of other health conditions such as obesity that may further amplify your condition.

Reach Out

asdsadThis may be a difficult ask for a lot of people suffering from depression, but it is the surest way to getting better. Do not let your problems suffocate you. Ask for help because the road to recovery is long and it requires companionship. Reaching out also shows that you acknowledge that you are unwell and need to get better. It is not a sign of weakness, but a means to find help and overcoming your condition.

Live Positively

Living positively entails a lot of things. You need to have a lifelong commitment to live a better life, and that should be seen in your everyday activities. Watch what you eat to avoid foods that may negatively affect your health. Have better friends that will support rather than bring you down. Simply, stay away from bad company. Develop a fitness routine. You can also take a trip to a place that you have been to before and enjoy the beauty of the world. Share your challenges with people and seek their advice on how to overcome them. Above all, come to peace with the things that you cannot change.

In summary, do not let depression define who you are. Always remember that you are a unique being capable of remarkable things in the world. Lastly, work hard towards achieving your life goals and live free because you owe it to yourself.…


Effective Ways of Funding Your College Education

The payment of college fee can be very costly. It is a costly venture which requires someone to pay for the meal plans, tuition, books, room, and the board just to name a few. Everyone can be stressed out by this crucial step. Furthering your education is one of the most important investments you can make in life, and it should never stress your bank account or body. There are some effective ways which can be used in finding money for college.


You can obtain grants based on your financial needs. The following bodies award them: state government, the federal government of by the high learning institutions where the student is attending. The awarding of these grants is based on the set guidelines. As a student, you are advised to apply for this financial aid early in advance since it is awarded or given out to those students who apply first. This is done by filling an application form provided by the school‘s finance office or on the government’s website.

Work study programs

These are programs which allow students o earn some money by working for the private employers or at their school. Students can then use the money earned to cater for their college expenses. There is a set minimum wage which is paid to the part-time workers, but the amount can vary depending on the responsibilities given at the work place. The following are some of the typical work-study positions which you can apply for: working in the different offices, tutoring, and assisting in your student center or the library. These positions are mainly given out based on the financial needs of the individual students.


A scholarship is one of the best ways of getting money for college. Students who meet the required qualifications are encouraged to apply. You can find these scholarships on the available internet database. Scholarships are mainly offered based on merit. You can also enquire about these opportunities from the civic organizations and corporations in your home town.


Student’s loans

Some students mistake this loan as “free money, ” but it is supposed to be repaid after completing college. A student loan can greatly help you in financing your education. These loans are provided by the federal government, the private institutions and by the banking institutions. As a student, you should always be attentive when applying for such a loan. You should check on the repayments guidelines and the interest rates.…


Types Of Interviews

Interviews are meant to provide you with an opportunity of answering and asking questions. There are different types of interviews which vary regarding setting and structure. Examples of interviews include group assessment, a screening process, phone, video, group, and face-to-face chat interviews.

Video interview

This is a video call which takes place between an interviewer and a candidate. This is mainly used a screening process or for remote working responsibilities or roles. This type of an interview has the same form and structure as the face-to-face interview. Even though most of these interviews are streamed live, you are required to pre-record your answers and then send them to the employer within the stipulated time. It can also involve more than one interviewer.

Some employers would be interested in recording the interview while it is still in progress. This is done for the purpose of comparing the different candidates. It can last for about thirty minutes. During the interview, you are supposed to watch tour posture, look at your camera and avoid waving your hands too much.

How do you prepare for a video interview?

  • By avoiding any potential interruptions
  • Testing your equipment (e.g. internet speed, webcam, sound quality)
  • Organizing your surroundings
  • Dressing appropriately

The group interview

This involves interviewing several candidates or people at the same setting and time. These are mainly held for roles which involve customer interaction or team work. Some of the activities carried out during the interview include group interview assessments and questions, all of which are meant to test the ability of the candidates to solve problems and communicate effectively. During the interview, the candidates are expected to praise other’s ideas as well as taking criticism on board.

How to prepare

  • Plan your outfit
  • Practice your answers
  • Research the company
  • Preparing for the icebreaker
  • The face-to-face interview

    This is a one-on-one conversation which takes place between an interviewer and the candidate. It is referred to as a panel interview when you have two or more interviewers. It is mainly used when recruiting staff. The interviewers will ask you some open-ended questions which are related to the role or job you are applying for. Your ability in answering the questions is used as the key point when making the judgment. Some recruiters will go through your resume to know more about your experience or skills. It is therefore crucial for the candidates to familiarize themselves with their CVs before attending the interview.

    Furthermore, there are some interviews which might include quizzes and tests such as proofreading. These are meant for assessing your practical abilities. It can last for 30 -60 minutes. During the interview, you are expected to dress appropriately and be relaxed.

    How do you prepare?

    • Pick an outfit
    • Find the address
    • Research the company
    • Thinking of some questions which you might be asked