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Ricardo Lafuente

Ricardo Lafuente
Ricardo Lafuente spent the better part of his recent years oscillating between the roles of designer, hacker, entrepreneur and artist. He lives and works from the beautiful city of Porto.
His work focuses on the domain of tools, be them experimental or functional, tangible or abstract, using and applying them in reckless ways to achieve unpredictable outcomes. By joining visual language, computer code, performance art notions and a passion for letters and typography, he can be found drawing database schemas with pen and paper on one day and writing software to draw posters on the next.
Hes a happy follower of the free software principles, releasing the code of the tools he creates under the GPL (the ones he doesnt feel terribly embarassed to divulge, that is), as well as creating all his graphic (and all other) work using libre software.
He graduated in the Communication Design course at the Fine Arts College of Porto, during which he was granted an Erasmus scholarship to attend the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. Eventually, he couldnt resist going back to the allures of the mid-north to get an MA degree in the Media Design course at the Piet Zwart Institute. He now works as a designer and graphics coder, jumping between the cities of Porto and Trivandrum.
He blogs infrequently about his tinkerings and whatnot over at /var/log/tinkerhouse.