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How to be the perfect man

In life, there are so many things that must be learned through experience while others can be thought. Some things are unique to each situation, and one such thing is relationships. This article is specifically for men who want to learn how to impress a woman and what do girls like in boys so that they can be the perfect lover and boyfriend. Keep on reading, and these tips will help you on your journey to the perfect relationship.

Be yourself

Not every girl is the same, and each one will have their own idea of a bersregperfect boy. Some like the big muscle built types while other like the more elegant gentleman type. However, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable always to be yourself. Never try to change just to impress a girl as this will only be short lived and your true nature will eventually come out. Do not say you like things just because the girl does but tell them what you dislike so they will know the real you.

Don’t be shy

As men, we often like to hide certain feelings and avoid being too emotional in front of a girl. Sometimes it’s good to show your emotional side and even cry in front of a girl. Also, do not be shy to tell them what you are afraid of as we all are of some things. Never be shy to tell them how you feel as it will be appreciated and they will feel that you trust them to share your secrets.

Never lie

Girls like a man who is truthful and would not lie to them. It can be a small thing that may not matter but if you tell them the truth they will love you even more. The truth has always triumphed and built long lasting relationships in the toughest situations.

Be clean

bgsdtjtWhile having a good character is important, many girls like their man to be clean and well groomed too. It does not mean that you must wear expensive designer clothing, but that you must be clean, and shave and have a neat haircut. Some girls wouldn’t mind a boy with long hair but in general short hair which is well brushed is best. The same goes for a beard as some girls do not mind it and others prefer a clean shaven man.

The most important thing to remember is that every girl is different and you will have to spend some time learning what she likes before you can do anything.